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((OOC)) [Aug. 7th, 2006|12:28 pm]


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researching... [Aug. 6th, 2006|06:24 pm]
Following Henry's announcement concerning the condition of Lobster Johnson, Roger had become curious about the BPRD's history, its creation and ongoing fight against Nazi-occult activities. Since before the move to Colorado, several BPRD secretaries had been charged with transcribing the records of the BPRD onto a computer database, something which made it much easier for newcomers like Roger to study past cases without having to worry about digging through (and possibly damaging) an archival collection that covered over 60 years of paranormal investigation and espionage.

The name that Henry had given him was "Leopold Kurtz". When Roger entered that name into the database, he came across two files under the heading RAGNA ROK. The first was an overview of the Ragna Rok project that had resulted in Hellboy's "birth". The second concerned three SS specialists who had been involved in the project, under the direction of General von Krupt.

Ilsa Haupstein

Member of SS-Helpher from 1936, Sicherheitsdienst from 1940, transferred to Geheimnis Untersuchunggruppe (occult investigations squad) in 1942.

Though women were excluded from official membership in the SS, Haupstein's connections and skills as a spy/diplomat gave her power in the organization. Her reputed experience with the uncanny made her popular in Himmler's personal circle as well, and that combined with her negotiations skills likely resulted in her addition to the group. She was the head of Himmler's 1944 "Vampir Sturm", a project that involved the proposed cooperation of Nazis and a clan of Romanian vampires. Communication records and the testimony of Dachau guards who disposed of the vampires' bodies support the existance of this project.

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (pseudonym)

Member of Sanitätsstaffel from 1931, transferred to Totenkopf in 1935, transferred to GU in 1942.

Kroenen's education in a prestigious university (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, 19??) and experience as a medical scientist in concentration camps at (unknown) allowed him to perfect certain panscientific techniques in what can only be described as a primitive form of cybernetics. He provided skill as an anatomist, physician and medical facilitator. Little is known about his life, though many rumors abound.

Leopold Kurtz

SS-Ehnrefuhrer (Sonderführer), member of Einsatzgruppen "Spezielle Technologiegruppe" from 1936, transferred to GU in 1942.

Trained as a machinist, (graduate of Universität Hannover, 1936) Kurtz' brilliance in early robotics and his advanced understanding of special technology would have made him an asset to the group. It is likely that he assisted Kroenen on more ambitious projects, which may have included an early artifical heart and the development of revenant soldiers(???).


In the aftermath of the Girescu affair, agent Hellboy has testified that Ilsa Haupstein was present at Site One of the investigation, but was unable to verify whether or not she survived the explosion at the site of Castle Girescu. No human female remains were uncovered in subsequent investigations of the site, but questions about her appearance and the fate of the un-accounted for members of Project Ragna Rok remain.

According to Hellboy, Haupstein appeared to be in her mid-late 20s, a fact which suggests that she may have been frozen in stasis since the end of the war. If that is the case, the reason behind the time of her reemergence has yet to be determined, nor if she and the other Ragna Rok members are involved in other Nazi-occult projects. Kurtz and Kroenen remain undiscovered, but no remains at Castle Girescu were identifiable as belonging to either of them.
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2006|11:22 pm]
I wrote to Liz today. She says that she should be alright. I know that she's been through worse punishments before, but I still feel worried about her. It must have been awful, being trapped there with that madman.

Sidney gave me something interesting yesterday. It was a newspaper with a lot of strange articles in it. I'm not sure if they were all true, though.
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|12:56 am]
Even though the damage he recieved during the mission into Walter Sullivan's secret kingdom reduced him to an inert mass, Roger's "injury" is far from life-threatening, and after he and the other BPRD members returning to HQ are shipped back, the incumbent engineering crew are able to outfit him with a replacement generator. Strangely, a later examination of the old one reveals no obvious cause behind its malfunction, though trying to make it work again proves a fruitless effort. As for Roger, himself...

I forgot that I had this journal. Usually I am too busy doing things to write about them, but everything that has happened lately has made me think and I need to organize my thoughts somewhere.

Why did Walter Sullivan kill all those people? Did he really think it would bring his mother back to him? It was sad that he was abandoned by his birth parents, but most orphans do not grow up to be like that. There is a lot of suffering in the world, and not everyone becomes a murderer because of the bad things that they experience. I don't know if it was all him, or all the cult that he was a part of that made him do the things that he did.
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2005|02:29 pm]
I saw children last night, two of them. One was a baby. She said her first word. Or at least her father thought she did, but he wasn't sure. I guess they take a long time to learn how to talk.
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